A Stronger St Petersburg

Big Problems, Big Solutions

When Rick Kriseman ran four years ago, the pier project was stalled and mired in controversy, the city was at an impasse with the Tampa Bay Rays, and the police department and our neighborhoods were disconnected. When Mayor Kriseman took office, he immediately put a pier plan in place, resolved the stalemate with the Rays, and hired Chief Anthony Holloway, who has worked hand-in-hand with Mayor Kriseman to establish community-oriented policing. Now, crime is down, and the city is moving forward on big projects. Mayor Kriseman will never shy away from confronting complex challenges in order to position St. Pete for success.

Safer Neighborhoods

From changing the high-speed chase policy to hiring Chief of Police Anthony Holloway to bringing back community-oriented policing, Mayor Kriseman has always done what is best for both our neighborhoods and our police department. Tips to the police are up, crime is down, and morale has never been better. Thanks to the ‘Park, Walk, and Talk’ initiative, our citizens have better relationships with the officers that are sworn to protect them, crimes are being solved faster, and often prevented in the first place.

In 2015, under the leadership of Mayor Kriseman and Chief Holloway, the St. Petersburg Police Department became the first law enforcement agency on the west coast of Florida to be awarded the Gold Standard award for accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

Mayor Kriseman has been endorsed by both the Suncoast Police Benevolent Association and the Fraternal Order of Police, Pinellas Lodge 43

A City of Opportunity

Rick Kriseman worked closely with city council, community leaders, and government partners to implement the South St. Pete Community Redevelopment Area – the largest in the county – which has already resulted in nearly $800,000 being granted to dozens of businesses and organizations. Major development projects are occurring on both 22nd Street S and the Skyway Marina District, and new business registrations in South St. Pete are on the rise.

As part of Mayor Kriseman’s ‘City of Opportunity’ initiatives, second chances are being given to minors who commit misdemeanors, the minimum wage has been raised for city employees with a plan to reach $15 by 2020, and paid parental leave has been provided for both moms and dads. Mayor Kriseman knows there is still more opportunity to create, and is running for a second term to ensure that every resident in St. Pete has a change to achieve their dreams.

Our Infrastructure

Following unprecedented rainfall, decades of neglect, and compromised capacity, St. Petersburg’s sewer system was overwhelmed in 2015-2016. The Kriseman Infrastructure Plan calls for more than $300 million to repair and upgrade our system. Now, with the largest public works project in our city’s history, St. Pete will be made more resilient in the face of a changing climate and extreme weather. Mayor Kriseman has dedicated his entire time in public service to protecting our environment, from building his own LEED-certified home to working against nearshore oil drilling to purchasing and protecting approximately 50 acres of green space in St. Pete and positioning our city for a future powered by clean energy. He is committed to building a greener, stronger St. Pete.


Building the Future

  • The ‘New St. Pete Pier’, a dynamic extension of St. Pete’s waterfront park system, is under construction.
  • New police and fire stations are under construction to ensure our first responders have the tools they need to keep our community safe.
  • The standoff with the Tampa Bay Rays has been resolved and the team’s future in Tampa Bay is more certain. An exciting master plan has been developed for the Tropicana Field site.
  • New housing and amenities are unfolding from the Skyway Marina District to Tyrone, from downtown to the Deuces (22nd Street S).
  • The City of St. Petersburg and the St. Pete Chamber of Commerce partnered to launch a ‘Grow Smarter’ initiative and the city’s first Economic Development Corporation.

Infrastructure and our Environment

  • Passed the Kriseman Infrastructure Plan, which invests over $300 million dollars (over 5 years) into our city’s infrastructure – the largest investment in infrastructure in St. Pete’s history.
  • Added tens of millions of gallons of capacity to our sewage system.
  • Tackled climate change head-on, with comprehensive plans to mitigate its effect on our city.
  • Led the City of St. Petersburg to become one of the first cities to pledge to be powered by 100% clean energy.
  • Brought universal curbside recycling to St. Pete.
  • Signed a pledge to uphold the ‘Paris Climate Agreement’ following Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from it.
  • Expanded Boyd Hill Nature Preserve and protecting the preserve and the Lakewood Estates community from a potential townhome development.
  • As a state representative, worked with Charlie Crist on a nearshore drilling ban following the BP oil spill.
  • Established the regional Cross Bay Ferry and bike share to provide not just recreation, but alternative forms of transportation.

Economic Development & Social Justice in South St. Pete

  • Worked with community partners to reduce African-American poverty in south St. Pete to an all-time low.
  • Saved the Dr. Carter G Woodson African American Museum.
  • Implemented the South St. Pete Community Redevelopment Area. It has already allowed the city to grant nearly $800,000 to businesses and organizations.
  • Increased the minimum wage for city workers and pledged to have a minimum wage of $15 per hour by 2020.
  • Banned the Box on all city job applications, giving second chances to people with a prior record.
  • Implemented a youth diversion program, giving second chances to minors who commit a misdemeanor.
  • Developing the long-vacant Commerce Park on 22nd St S to bring quality jobs and training to St. Pete.
  • Purchased Tangerine Plaza to reimagine its future and provide more stability on that site.
  • Funded the TBBIC (Black Business Incubator) and worked to establish an office in south St. Pete.
  • Launched the ‘Not My Son’ campaign to address youth gun violence and ‘My Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper’ initiative aimed to address persistent opportunity gaps faced by young people of color.
  • Brought Florida’s largest skate park and a financial empowerment center to Campbell Park. Both are under construction.
  • Reduced boarded and vacant homes throughout St. Pete, but most notably in Childs Park where a 78% reduction has occurred.


  • Continued the St. Pete’s Promise program, a holistic program to give at-risk students more resources and opportunities to succeed.
  • Implemented service learning in St. Pete schools, giving students more opportunities to participate in their community.
  • Appointed a full time liaison from City Hall to engage with schools, helping them secure more of the resources they need.

Our Values

  • Advanced and defended the rights of the LGBT community; was one of the first elected officials in Florida to support Marriage equality, increased St. Pete’s Municipal Equality Index score to 100, believes in protecting the LGBT community from discrimination, and has attended or marched in the St. Pete Pride since it’s beginning in 2003.
  • Hosted St. Pete’s first Iftar dinner, in solidarity with our Muslim American neighbors.
  • Implemented paid parental leave for all city workers – both moms and dads – so that new families can spend more time together.
  • Stood up to Donald Trump and ensured St. Pete is a diverse and welcoming city for all.

Public Safety

  • Reduced overall crime by 6% and violent crime by 26%.
  • Appointed Chief Tony Holloway, who has brought a new day to our police department.
  • Revised the high speed chase policy to better protect our residents, children, and police officers.
  • Reinstated community policing, requiring officers to walk neighborhoods on foot and meet neighbors.
  • Signed the Mayors Against Illegal Guns pledge, standing with police officers and neighborhoods.
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