Moving forward, Rick Kriseman will:
  • Continue partnership on the community’s shared goal to reduce poverty in St. Pete by 30% by the year 2020.
  • Finish the new pier and police station on time and in budget and ensure the new pier becomes a dynamic, family-friendly destination for both residents and visitors.
  • Finish the Kriseman Infrastructure Plan and ‘one water’ master plan to ensure our city is prepared for future growth and a changing climate.
  • Complete a community-led Vision 2050 master plan for the City of St. Petersburg.
  • Return the Cross Bay Ferry to Tampa Bay and continue to find regional solutions to our transportation challenges.
  • Pay a $15 by 2020 minimum wage for city employees.
  • Achieve a network of ‘Complete Streets‘ in St. Petersburg, including the creation of a Complete Streets Implementation Plan which is currently underway.
  • Follow through on each goal outlined in his executive order on sustainability and resilience and the recommendations in the Realizing Resilience report.
  • Integrate ‘St. Pete Stat’ into every city department to ensure performance isn’t just being measured, but managed.
  • Continue to enhance and spur economic development on 22nd Street S, from the Warehouse Arts District to Tangerine Plaza, to create not just a destination but a renewed sense of place and purpose for the adjacent neighborhoods.
  • Complete the transformation of 34th Street’s Skyway Marina District by attracting new jobs and businesses.
  • Add more recreational and entertainment amenities to South St. Pete. Florida’s largest skate park is currently being constructed at Campbell Park.
  • Expand on the City of St. Petersburg’s current service-learning initiative, which is helping to integrate community service and partnerships with local colleges into the curriculum of our high schools.
  • Purchase more green space. Since Mayor Kriseman took office, nearly 50 acres of green space has been purchased or preserved. In 2015, land adjacent to Boyd Hill Nature Preserve was purchased to prevent townhomes from being built and adversely impacting the environment and the neighborhood.
  • Continue work to create a culture of health.The ‘Healthy St. Pete’ initiative aims to help residents eat, shop and play healthy and change health outcomes for St. Pete. The initiative led St. Pete to become the 1st Florida city with a Healthy Procurement Policy.
  • Continue to build a city where LGBTQ residents and visitors feel welcome, supported, and safe from harm.
  • Make parking easier in our downtown through technology and additional spaces and garages.
  • Redevelop the Tropicana Field site, with or without a new stadium, in order to bring targeted jobs, housing (including affordable or workforce housing), and hotel or convention space to St. Petersburg.
  • Complete the rebranding of the Warehouse Arts District and accelerate the continuing development of the Innovation District.
  • Implement the goals and strategies of Grow Smarter, the community-wide economic development plan.
  • Complete the West Central Avenue Redevelopment Plan.
  • Advocate and strategize to ensure St. Pete remains affordable in housing, commerce and other quality of life indicators.
  • Partner with the Pinellas County School Board to advance individual educational opportunities and improve St. Pete’s schools.
  • Support small businesses and create an environment where entrepreneurs thrive.
  • Support ‘A New Deal for St. Pete
  • Require his team of approximately 3,000 employees to produce innovative solutions that are defined by superior service.
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