Moving St. Pete Forward

Rick Kriseman has tackled St. Pete’s biggest challenges. He promised to build a new police station for our officers and our community, resolve the stalemate with the Rays in order to keep the team in Tampa Bay, and build a world-class pier – and he delivered. Crime is down, our economy is on the rise, and St. Pete has become a beacon of progress – an inclusive city where the sun shines on all who come to live, work, and play.

Meet Rick Kriseman

Rick ran for mayor 4 years ago to move St. Pete forward. As the son of a small business owner, Rick understands the importance of rolling up your sleeves, and getting to work on tough problems. Rick is proud of what we’ve accomplished, and even prouder to call St. Pete home.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, Rick Kriseman will continue partnership on the community’s shared goal to reduce poverty in St. Pete by 30% by the year 2020, finish the new pier and police station on time and in budget and ensure the new pier becomes a dynamic, family-friendly destination…

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